I took part in the 2010 Braziers International Art Workshop: Supernormal – 8-22 August 2010. Part retreat, part residency, part collaboration, part camping trip, part festival. Images of works to be posted.

I wrote this when I got home (its not meant to be a poem, more a list):

My dad said, are you drunk?
My colleague said, have you joined a cult?
The woman on the train said, would you mind filling out this form to evaluate the experience of your journey?
Kirsty Wood asked to be my friend.

My feet walk the regular route without asking.
The women in my local waitrose say, that’s against company policy. (I want change for the bus after spending money on my card)
I spend more money. I stand in the orderly bus queue. The bus driver smiles, I recognise him.  The children wear high heels and sparkly sandals with gemstones.

Things I have forgotten:
My waterproof
My notebook
What talking to strangers is like
What spending money is really like.
That free plums cost £3.99 in the outside world.
That a shower doesn’t have to be a game of Russian roulette
That cheers is s two syllable word

What Braziers needs:
A new sieve (or 3)
To throw out parts for machines and gadgets it no longer has
To replace it’s two variously lethal glass lemon squeezers with ones of a different material
A theme song

Things I’d like:
Shared meals
To know my postman
To know the names of people living in my building
To grow my own food
Cohabit happily with wasps


There was a lot of cooking for a lot of people.


We ate a lot of toast. We read little Wittgenstein, bar this.



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