Independently or as part of various projects I have worked with a number of artists, collectives and organisations either as collaborator, friend, performer, camera pointer, producer, curator, cake maker, proof reader, general dogs-body.

These are some of them:

Ellie Harrison
Susie Green
Deborah Bower
Mat Fleming
Harriet Plewis
Christo Wallers
Rajni Shah
Niki Russell
Dan Williamson
Fiona Wright
Guy Sherwin
Howard Matthew
BBB Johannes Deimling
Kate Taylor
Robin Close
Charlie Fox
Di Clay
Carole Luby
Sally Madge
Paul Grimmer
Sarah Warden
Laura Harrington
Ira Lightman
Sheila Ghelani
Film Bee
Sarah Spanton
Seth Kriebel
Elaine Kordys
Richard Kingdom
The People Speak
Mammalian Diving Reflex
Joshua Sofaer
Phoebe Unwin

Annette Knol

Flora Whiteley

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