Ilana works in a number of different capacities to ‘make things happen’ – whether her own art practice, other people’s or anything in between.

This website shows examples of some of the projects she has worked on. Her work is based in collaborative, process and discussion based ways of making things happen.

Ilana is an active and founder member of the collective that run Star and Shadow Cinema, a volunteer run cinema/ cultural space – variously described as a “doughnutocracy” and “structurally inaccurate, ideologically sound.” Working on Star and Shadow for the last 6-7 years has fuelled her interests both in collaboration and in finding ways to do things differently, not just for difference sake, but that work for the collective.


Ilana is also Artistic Director of Wunderbar. For Wunderbar, Ilana looks to work with artists who are interested in people, in audiences, and in creating dialogue, intrigue and action. She is interested in spontaneity and immediacy, in works that have cultural and political urgency. Wunderbar has presented two festivals, in 09 and 11, and a number of projects including Cowgate Illuminations, Bobby Baker’s Mad Gyms and Kitchens. 2013 has so far focussed on working with Nicola Singh and xsite architecture on the Life Without Buildings project.



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